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“Soooo, one day we went for a long ride, up here to these mountains. He drove around for a long while and then pulled over at the very same scenic overlook where you fell. We got out of the car …Then, he got back in his car and drove away. I didn’t chase him; although I wanted to…I knew he was making his choice. Even though it broke my heart, I just sat there and watched his taillights until they disappeared. The haunted look on Max’s face did Jane in completely. She squeezed her eyes shut but the tears escaped anyway sliding down her face. She could see him so clearly, sitting in the parking lot, watching the car pull away–his heart breaking as he struggled to understand his abandonment.”
Strays -Jeanne Webster

The above excerpt seems to say it all: there can be no pain like that of abandonment. We are passionate about saving as many animal lives as possible. Our goal at Faithful Friends Animal Rescue is to establish a sanctuary for all kinds of animals in need. We envision a care facility for all animals that are kept as pets. Unwanted animals can be brought to us for care from horses to rabbits. Unadoptable (animals with medical requirements) will be welcomed to a safe and comfortable stay for the rest of their days. Your donations will be gratefully appreciated by all our animals in need.

A BIG “THANK YOU” to The Ryan Newman Foundation for their generous donation of dog kennels and food for the pet food pantry!
Ryan Newman and Kelly Minyard

Raven and Merlin My son and I lived with humans we thought really cared about us.
Suddenly, we were left in a strange, scary place that smelled bad with lots of noise and confusion. Many like us kept disappearing and did not return.
Then, kind humans took us to a wonderful, warm and safe place where others like us are loved and cared for and they do not disappear.
Please make it possible for my kind humans to make a place where dogs and cats are not killed and help them find loving, caring forever homes for all of us.

~ Raven and Merlin